Jaime Izquierdo is a Body-Mind-Spirit Coach Working With Natural Healing, Meditation, Massage Therapy and Energy Readings

Offering Mobile Spiritual-Counseling, Meditation Guidance, and Clinical Massage-Therapy in Miami Beach. Call 305.788.3093

Natural Healing
'Let food be thy medicine', Hippocrates

Treat your body, mind, and spirit
to a healing and curative lifestyle.
Renew and improve your health 
and avoid illness.
Meditation is the answer to all our challenges.

3, 6 and 12 month programs to a holistic lifestyle:

  •  Address the body; explore diet by educating yourself on the options available to renew your health and avoid imbalances in the body, bring your body to 'perfect' weight as related to your age-height-gender; win yourself from long-term conditions and bring the body to the healthy state it is supposed to have. Choose diet using common sense and take control of your own health.
  • Train the mind to undergo a psychic change towards your spiritual identity and let go of the natural tendency to control the world. 
  • Experience long-term happiness.
  • Practice meditation to teach the mind not to respond to conflict, let go of fear, and not to participate in dysfunctional patterns.
  • Massage Therapy to distress and bring health to the physical body (Massage therapy is a four-thousand year old practice and part of our clinical Medical Assurance system) 
  • Exercise with a new sport 
  • Maintain sanity and accumulate 'Self-Esteem' by checking motives and intentions on all your daily actions. 
  • Build lasting happiness.
Sessions last 1-2 hours. I am here help you reach your goals.


Jaime is a Holistic Personal Coach and the author of
'Organic Meditation Practice, 2012'

The book is available today at AMAZON for $9.99 


Recovery from illness through Meditation, Education, Vegan Diet Detoxification, Acupuncture, and Clinical Massage Therapy. 

Clinical Massage Therapy
• Manual Lymphatic Drainage • Clinical Massage  
Tui Na (Chinese Clinical Massage)  Cupping  Pre-natal  
Swedish and Deep-Tissue Massage 

  • Spirituality versus Reality;
  • Intuitive Development; 
  • Learning how to Meditate;  
  • Dream Interpretation and Analysis

  • Acupuncture, the Meridians, and Chinese Medicine
  • Nutrition as a Natural Cure for Immune System Conditions
  • Massage Therapy, Reiki and Their Curative Benefits
  • Meditation and Spirituality as Curative Medicine
  • Creativity, Art and Expression as Curative Therapy
  • Natural Cures for Cancer and Diabetes
  • Vegan-Diet Detoxification as a Natural Cure for all Illness

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