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Our earth has been hit with a sudden crisis, a virus that threatens to annihilate humanity. This virus is around us, in our environment, in the surfaces we touch.

This is an important time to individually consider how each of us can help fight this enemy, and how each of us can contribute to the health of our environment, and of other human beings around us.

The virus has brought sudden challenges, cornering our societies into a strange kind of world unity; we are forced to listen to direction on isolating ourselves from others for a period of time. The earth as a living organism is in crisis; it is sick, and it is forcing much needed changes.

When I allow myself to consider our planet from the far ends of eternity, nestled within our universe and Milky Way, I can objectively see our earth as a living organism that is stressed with pollution, and waste, and is showing symptoms of illness, and fighting for recuperation.

I can think of pneumonia as the melting of our glaciers and the rising of our oceans that now threatens our existence, and that is slowly drowning our earth.

I see fever, as the global warming our earth is experiencing.

I see the shutting down of our economy as a temporary solution to pollution

I see our temporary isolation as the opportunity to inwardly connect with our environment and accept our complete dependency on it.

The sudden shutting down of all businesses, our need to stay home, our need for social distancing that has become a world-wide adoption is reminding us that our material needs are simple.

Our isolation is an opportunity to reassess our concept of luxury and our mindless attitude to overspend and accumulate.

Our home-confinement is bringing a sense of appreciation for inner search and meditation, an opportunity to revisit our conception of life and death, and to rediscover our participation in the ‘collective consciousness’ that created our universe.

We all have the answers to the common questions we have asked ourselves throughout our lives, questions about our nature, our existence.

These answers are available to us within our consciousness, but we have not trusted our intuitive mind with the answers, and instead differed to others for the answers, and depended on their 'wisdom' for direction in our lives, but let’s review these questions together.

In fact, this is a great time to ponder on these philosophical dilemmas and get your own answers.


Go into a meditative state; ask, and allow our collective consciousness ‘your cosmic mind’ to answer.

These are the questions I asked, and the answers I received; you might want to write down those you receive:

Why are we alive in this earth?

We are part of a living organism, a universe that originated in eternity, the creating energy of our universe.

What is our purpose?

Spiritually, we are here to bring empathy and kindness to our earth. Organically, we are here to contribute to the survival of our living earth. We are spirit energy living a human condition.

Why meditate?

In meditation we allow ourselves to exit our human mind and to open our cosmic mind; there we can visit with our collective god consciousness and express gratitude.

It is from there that we can understand our organic participation and purpose on earth. From there we can focus on the creation of healing actions for the earth, and self-esteem and inner happiness for our human condition.

How can we explain these concepts clearly?

Our human mind is limited, but accepting ‘it is a small part of the collective consciousness’ brings a sense of peace.

What happens when my physical body dies?

Energy is not destroyed it is recycled. When we die our earth consciousness returns to the collective consciousness. It is from there that all efforts are made to maintain health and harmony for the material world.

Is our collective consciousness directing us?

We hear this guiding voice before we make decisions and take actions, it is directing us to evaluate and make choices that bring both, healing to our environment, and a sense of lasting happiness for our individual human condition.

How do I define ‘spirit’?

Spirit is the unseen creative energy of all things, the collective god consciousness we are all part of.

Love and kindness are the essence of our collective consciousness where there is no judgment, only acceptance and inclusiveness.

Our concepts of ‘good and bad’ are material; ‘lasting happiness’ is the concept of our collective consciousness. When we practice actions that are aligned with our collective consciousness we experience joy and lasting happiness.

What happens after we die?

The veil separating our human mind and our collective consciousness dissolves; our earth school is over and our human consciousness merges back into our collective consciousness. These life experiences are cumulative and are used in every life that follows.

In our earth, the most difficult task for humans is to bring our material mind in line with our collective consciousness to practice love and kindness, our spirit nature.

The awakening for every human in this earth is the moment we see ourselves as spirit energy, integral parts of our universe and natural protectors of the earth.

Why do we see atrocities and damaging practices in our societies?

The human mind is directed to believe it is independent from the rest of eternity; that it is creating reality. This is not completely wrong; our human consciousness is part of our collective consciousness and is able in a very small part to create a reality that brings a form of happiness; either temporary or long-term happiness.

Excess is the result of actions based purely on our human consciousness, where there is a tendency to accumulate material goods and unnecessary comforts; but this mode of living has railroaded our societies into separation, hatred, envy, greed and mutual destruction.

The human consciousness is limited to our material world and directs our senses onto ongoing defensive mechanism to stay alive; we fear hunger, loss of security, lack of food, inability to procreate; these natural fears can lead to our mistaken believe that we are in control of our environment rather than in charge of it, and that accumulating goods and short-term happiness are the objective of our existence.

Our fears can lead us into an adversary attitude against other human beings, we can be easily manipulated as groups into hating others, taking from others, becoming hoarders, practicing selfishness, and in turn becoming manipulators of others.

Our need for ‘spiritual awakening’ is imminent for us to perform our organic work as caretakers of our environment successfully; until then we are vulnerable to negative leaderships based on our natural fears.

What is a ‘spiritual awakening’?

Is the partial journey between birth and the moment we are able to accept we are integral to the entire body of eternity; that we are collective consciousness experiencing a human condition. We awaken when we see our universe as a living unit where we are small organs performing an organic task, and we can accept that we are born to help sustain life on this earth.

Do ‘angels’ and ‘spirit masters’ guide us?

This is a human question originated from our belief systems; some people believe this version of eternity. Ultimately our collective or god consciousness is influencing us. It is running the show we are only actors.

Everything we believe in is real in our individual human mind, and as a result all the actions we take are filtered through the believe systems that are part of the philosophy each of us practice.

Part of our awakening is to rid ourselves of items that no longer support who we are as part of our living universe, and some of us rid ourselves completely of concepts that are attached to our original religious indoctrination in order to pursue a direct contact with our higher self.

Organized religion is not necessary in order to receive guidance from our collective consciousness, but there is comfort in organized religion and some people prefer this version of eternity.

The thought that there are ‘angels’ and ‘guides’ protecting our journey, and that there is a specific order of spiritual life where eternity has a hierarchy has a sense of familiarity for us and can be nurturing.

But we need to let go of self-judgment and the concepts associated with ‘being good or bad’; self-judgment is inherited from moral concepts associated with most of our organized religions, and it is used as a moral measure to control our natural needs. The problem is that it ultimately promotes dysfunctional associations in our natural development.

What is inner lasting happiness?

It is the sense of peace and well being we experience when our actions are in alignment with the well being our environment. We are in the right track, if our actions allow us to feel equal to everyone else; if the results do not bring a sense of separation; if our motivation is purely selfless; and if our decisions are based on healing motives as opposed to fearful motives.

The inner voice directing us towards healing motives, and the actions that bring us lasting joy is the voice we associate with our collective consciousness, our ‘god consciousness’. This voice has always been there in the background of our mind letting us know what is good and what is not; we have always known which actions have been aligned with this guiding voice.

Are we in touch with those loved ones that have passed?

Energy does not die, the energy of our loved ones is part of the collective, and at the same time of our reality; and their voices and presence is always real. We cannot avoid living these relationships; our energy is one and the same and we are all contained in our collective mind.

We have been together for eons in our collective consciousness; our relationship in this present life is only a very small part of our collective relationships with those we share this life experience.

Can we speak with those that have passed?

Yes, if we allow ourselves to ‘listen’ and trust that we can actually hear what they are saying to us. This is a practice we can develop.

If we ask them for signs at the beginning of these relationships, and acknowledge the signs we receive, we can eventually disrupt the veil of denial in our human mind.

Once we let go of our denial, we can hear their voices clearly and realize their messages nurture and validate our humanity. We are ‘perfect as we are’.

Through our collective consciousness we can learn to respond to their voices and nurture these relationships.

Synchronicity is part of the language of our collective consciousness where we can receive and also send messages. We have incorporated the concept of long distance healing through Reiki where we can learn long distance communication, but once we learn to trust we can do this internally through meditative moments.

Are dreams a part of communicating with our collective consciousness?

Dreams are validation we need; messages of love and healing towards our own inner child or human mind that fears and worries about survival. Some dreams can be interpreted as coming from our collective consciousness reminding us we are not alone, and that we are perfect as we are. Some dreams act as a form of synchronicity bringing us similar healing messages and on occasions premonitions of events to come.

Dream interpretation is effective in areas of character traits, belief systems, or natural fears we might be revisiting, and our consciousness letting us know we have already resolve these aspects of our character, and that it is time to move on to new work. It is sort of saying ‘this is in the past’ let’s focus on the future.


It is interesting that the Corona virus has brought me to this moment where I can sit and let this information flow onto the page.

Developing a relationship with our collective consciousness, or god-consciousness is a journey we are all taking. It starts by accepting we are not god, and if we are not, there has to be another energy that is, whatever we want to call it. Our greatest scientists have come to the same conclusion that there is an intelligent design behind our existence.

We can all learn to listen and hear in a moment-to-moment basis and with each breath of air we take; we all have this ability and we all need to develop it.

We are in the mid of a crisis that is affecting the entire earth, the earth is ill and in need of recuperation and the human race is responding in unity.

It doesn’t matter who we are, we are all facing a common illness and this threat is bringing us to new realizations that hopefully will impact how we live our lives from now on; thinking more about the entire earth and human race, and not so much about ourselves only.

Some of my resolutions are:

  • I will use as little plastic as possible, and I will support companies that use no plastic

·      I will support organic farming and consume only organic products, at least at home

·      I am ninety-five percent plant-based but if I decide to eat fish, I will only wild caught, or organic fed

·      I will not purchase bottle water, but use a filter at home

·      I will stop accumulating luxuries I do not need, and live a minimalist existence; this might prove difficult but I will initiate small changes

·      I will meditate daily, connecting with our collective consciousness and expressing gratitude for my opportunity to serve in this earth, in this lifetime

You might want to write some resolutions of your own.









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Jaime studied painting under renowned American artists Sidney Goodman, Jody Pinto, Arthur DaCosta and Nelson Shanks among others, and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He is an award-winning artist, and photographer. In the 1970's Jaime studied Pre-Medicine at Temple University, Theater at HB Studios in NYC; joined an acting company in Philadelphia and participated in professional productions with actors like Theodore Bickell. He studied Modern Dance with Martha Graham and in 1980 switch to Painting and the Fine Arts. Jaime participated in Art Basel Miami 2015 in several peripheral shows. His work has been part of several exhibits in the US, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum and Gallery and New York and Miami Art Galleries. His first One-Man show was in New York in 1985. His work is in many private and corporate collections around the world. As part of his lifestyle today, he teaches Meditation and Holistic Healing workshops in Miami and New York. He is the author of 'Organic Meditation Practice" available in Amazon Kindle Store.


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