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We were trained and taught with repetitive actions to respond to dysfunctional behaviors.

My mother’s punishment was the silent treatment; and so, I became attracted to relationships where I was ignored, punished with silence, or where there was lack of interest in me.

My father loved me but punished me physically and psychologically; I became attracted to relationships where love was mixed with constant abuse or rejection.

Instinctively, I pursued these kinds of partners. On both occasions I had to become aware that I was responding to dysfunctional relationships of the past.

This made me question what ‘love’ was; and became aware that I was disregarding the healthy relationships; people who loved me without ignoring or punishing me.

Spirit-Mind-Body Coach - Massage Therapy - Holistic Healing Sessions 

Jaime addresses your physical health, emotional health and consciousness development to initiate healing at all levels of your body mind complex. Energy healing happens at once at all three levels of our complex: body, mind and consciousness. Jaime uses muscle feedback to communicate energetically with our innate healing system, clarifying aspects that need to be addressed in the order they need to be addressed to re-establish and develop good health. 

Sessions with Jaime are a combination of the Spirit-Mind-Body Coaching; Meditation, and Advanced Energy Therapies. You will experience an overall sense of wellbeing that will remain with you after each session.

Holistic Healing combines Eastern and Western medical protocols to address the entire complex, while Energy Therapies facilitates deep consciousness communication and intuitive healing.

Jaime is the creator of Organic Meditation Practice, an energy therapy that establishes personal growth and healing with your chosen intention each session. His meditation method is based on acknowledging our organic relationship with the universe, our primary organic parent. This is a very powerful practice that truly works. His book on ORGANIC MEDITATION PRACTICE is available world-wide in Amazon Kindle Store.

Jaime provides a holistic approach to developing your personal Intuitive abilities. This guided practice will drastically improve your life at all levels. Your heightened awareness and trust in your natural intuition will profoundly improve your professional and personal decisions. Acknowledge and claim your intuitive abilities utilizing this holistic approach to improve your awareness, health and performance in life. This is a new intuitive-holistic practice that will expand your mental awareness into an enlightened mind. The experience of claiming your consciousness will be transforming, wherever you apply it, in the boardroom, on a job interview, or on a blind date.

PRIVATE INTUITIVE READINGS with Jaime Izquierdo, BCP and Adv.MSP practitioner"
Jaime offers insightful, clear readings and guidance. Each session addresses physical health, physical environment, mental readiness, and spiritual development. Bring three questions and let him inspire you and provide you with knowledge and insight into your life and path.

Office visits last 45 minutes.

  • Long Distance sessions receive a transcript of the session.
  • Team Building Sessions for sports, work location, event performance, family matrix, etc. The session is done on the team matrix to attain peak performance and interaction as a group.
  • Home and Hospital visits are also available.
Advanced Healing Session  
  • Alpha State, Regression, Healing Meditation, Past-Life techniques, Animal, and Plant Communication, Synchronicity, Remote Viewing, Self healing technique
  • Private Intuitive-consciousness Readings
  • Consciousness Development Circle
  • "Organic Meditation Practice" Training
  • Guided Organic Meditation Sessions
Spa Treatments are available at your location or our office

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Jaime Izquierdo, CFA, OMP Instructor, CBP, AdvMSP
Non-Sectarian Minister

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Ana Izquierdo, DOM
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