'ENERGY AT WORK', Why Holistic Healing is vital to your work, health and wellbeing

We know today that health and wellbeing are dependent on the energy around us. We talk about 'creating our own reality' but few of us take steps to develop the intuitive power to forge ahead and attain solid results. This applies to work, relationships, health and self-confidence, and it is within our power to make thinks actually happen.

It is important to visualize our thoughts, projects, wants, wishes and other elements that come to our mind as actual living energies. We created them or they came to us through our 'collective environment, or consciousness' and they live attached to us. It is of importance to review these elements in our work and to ask ourselves to what degree would these elements enrich our purpose. Should we dissolve these energies that can actually be depleating us, or shall we really focus on making them a reality in our work?