LIFE COACH - HOLISTIC HEALING Events and Workshops. in Miami

Holistic Centers:

"Jaime offers insightful, clear readings and guidance. Bring Three questions and let him inspire you and provide you with knowledge and insight into your life and path." Bagua Holistic Center and Store

Radio Shows:

The Monicles on Hosted by Monica Uribe Directed by Christopher Hudspeth
Amazing guests, global topics like love and truth and laughter as seen through the crystal clear kaleidoscope lens of The Monicles. The Monicles is live from Hollywood, Florida every Saturday afternoon from 1 to 2pm via the internet talk radio network SoFlo Radio. The Monicles shares stories: with good intentions.


Jaime Izquierdo, CFA, OMP Instructor, CBP, AdvMSP
Non-Sectarian Minister

305 788 3093

Ana Izquierdo, BA, CBP, Adv.MSP
305 788 8810