Information from the APeX foundation:

Introduction to APeX Water

The creation of APeX Water derives from two paradigm-shifting scientific/medical discoveries:
  1. Specific properties of minute particles of silver make it an ideal delivery system for carrying oxygen to pathogenic cells
  2. Pathogenic cells thrive in oxygen deficient environments, according to Otto Warburg’s discovery in the 1930s
In the 1950s, a group of scientists married these two discoveries together. They originally created a liquid product to eliminate bacteria in swimming pools. The solution consisted of specifically formulated water that is unique and unrivalled in its therapeutic power for reversing many afflictions and illnesses.
These scientists discovered how to encapsulate a nano-sized silver nucleus (10 nm) with a cluster of oxygen molecules.  APeX Water is created by attaching a large number of oxygen molecules (clusters) to each silver particle, by a Covalent Bond.  This forms what might be best called a silver-oxygen nano-cluster.
The key to APeX Water is that the silver-oxygen nano-clusters are delivered past the cell membrane, into the heart of the cell.
APeX Water is a direct cellular infusion oxygen delivery system.  It has the ability to specifically rout out pathogenic cells. Then, one by one, it destroys them on contact, without any harm to healthy cells.
The silver nano-nucleus within the oxygen clusters of APeX Water makes it unlike ionic and colloidal silver products that are currently thought of in the holistic community as natural antibiotics.  Rather than influencing a direct effect on the body, as the ionic and colloidal silver products claim to do, the main function of APeX Water silver is to serve as a dolly to transport oxygen into pathogenic cells.
In fact, the silver nucleus in APeX Water is so completely encased in active oxygen molecules, that it has no physical contact with its surrounding microenvironment.
The clusters of the silver/oxygen molecules have the ability to precisely hunt down and destroy pathogenic cells.
Once the nano-clusters of oxygen have found their target, the cluster gives up its oxygen. This happens so quickly—within milliseconds—that the pathogens have no opportunity to mutate in their attempts to avoid the killer-oxygen-clusters (as they do typically with antibiotics and other therapies). Rather than accumulating, the APeX Water nano-clusters leave the body entirely within several days. But, for all the time that the clusters remain present in the body, they go into all of the blood, all of the capillaries and vessels, and every place in the body where a pathogen may be living or lurking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much APeX Water should I drink daily?Answer:  The daily recommendation is 2 ounces per day.  In the morning drink 1/2 oz., hold in mouth as long as you can; the longer the better, and then swallow.  Then put approximately 1-1/2 ounces in 1 liter of clean, filtered water.  Drink this throughout the day, in addition to your normal water intake.  Repeat daily.  Note:  1 capful is approximately 1/4 oz.
Can I use APeX Water directly on my skin?Answer:  Yes. APeX Water concentrate (non-diluted) can help with burns, cuts, scraps, and wound recovery.  
What are some other uses of APeX Water?Answer:  APeX Water can be used with a nebulizer, for direct delivery into the lungs.  Spraying in the nose and eyes can be helpful; as can dropping in the ear canal.  APeX Water may also be used with an enema bag.  Recommended Omron Nebulizer.
Can I give APeX Water to my animal?Answer:  Absolutely. Animals’ cells need oxygen, too.  We have many clients who have used APeX Water with their domestic animals, as well as equine, both internally and direct on skin lesions.
Is APeX Water the same as Colloidal Silver?Answer:  No, APeX Water is a nano-sized particle of silver, surrounded by active oxygen molecules.  A Covalent Bond holds active oxygen molecules to the silver nucleus.
How much silver is in APeX Water:Answer:  Less than one part per million.
Does APeX Water cause Argyria?Answer:  No, APeX Water is not colloidal silver, and does not cause Argyria.
Can you refrigerate APeX Water?Answer: Yes, however, APeX Water does not need to be refrigerated, but refrigeration will not harm it.  APeX Water should not be frozen, boiled, or mixed with any liquid other than filtered water.  Do not add lemon, sweeter, or any other mixer with APeX Water.
What is the shelf life of APeX Water?Answer:  17 years and counting.