Jaime Izquierdo, Body-Mind-Spirit Coach; Center for Natural Healing: 'A Journey From Medication to Meditation'

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Center for Natural Healing
'Let food be thy medicine', Hippocrates

Treat your body, mind, and spirit
to a healing and curative lifestyle.
Renew and improve your health 
and avoid illness.

3,6 and 12 month programs to a holistic lifestyle
where together we addess:

  • Diet to renew your health and avoid illness, bring your body to a 'perfect' weight as related to your age-height-gender; win yourself from long-term immune illness and bring the body to the healthy state it is supposed to have
  • A Psychic Change Towards a Spiritual Awakening learning how to let go of all material control, and bringing in focus on how to be truly happy
  • Meditation to distress the body and learn how not to respond to conflict or the tendency to fix things, people or unhealthy places
  • Massage Therapy and Reiki as a tool to help distress and bring health to the physical body (Massage therapy is a four-thousand year old practice and part of our clinical Medical Assurance system) 
  • Exercise by learning a new sport as part of the program where you only pay for fees related to equipment
  • Maintenance by establishing a daily inventory of motives and intentions on all actions, or life changes performed as health and sanity return to your body-mind
As your Personal Holistic Coach I will meet with you on1-2 hour weekly sessions depending on the issues we address, or have phone conferences to address new issues. You will have unlimited text messaging with any questions, or for guidance and clarification, as well as phone conversations when texting might be long or complicated.

I am here to work with and for you; to help you reach the goals you desire; these goals might often change as we progress with your individually designed treatment and awakenings and new realizations come to you.


Jaime is a Holistic Personal Coach and the author of
'Organic Meditation Practice, 2012'

The book is available today at AMAZON for $9.99 


Recovery from illness through Meditation, Education, Vegan Diet Detoxification, Acupuncture, and Clinical Massage Therapy. 

• Manual Lymphatic Drainage • Clinical Massage  
Tui Na (Chinese Clinical Massage)  Cupping  Pre-natal  
Swedish and Deep-Tissue Massage 

  • Spirituality versus Reality;
  • Intuitive Development; 
  • Learning how to Meditate;  
  • Dream Interpretation and Analysis

  • Acupuncture, the Meridians, and Chinese Medicine
  • Nutrition as a Natural Cure for Immune System Conditions
  • Massage Therapy, Reiki and Their Curative Benefits
  • Meditation and Spirituality as Curative Medicine
  • Creativity, Art and Expression as Curative Therapy
  • Natural Cures for Cancer and Diabetes
  • Vegan-Diet Detoxification as a Natural Cure for all Illness

Jaime studied painting and fine arts under renowned American artists Sidney Goodman, Jody Pinto, Arthur DaCosta and Nelson Shanks among others, and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He is an award-winning artist, and photographer. 
In the 1970's Jaime studied Pre-Medicine at Temple University, Theater at HB Studios in NYC; joined an acting company in Philadelphia and participated in professional productions with actors like Theodore Bickell. He studied Modern Dance with Martha Graham and in 1980 switch to Painting and the Fine Arts. Jaime remains an active artist and participated in Art Basel Miami 2015 in several peripheral shows. His work has been part of several exhibits in the US, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum and Gallery and New York and Miami Art Galleries. His first One-Man show was in New York in 1985. His work is in many private and corporate collections around the world. 
As part of his health and lifestyle today, he works as a Body-Mind-Spirit Coach and teaches Meditation and Holistic Healing workshops in Miami and New York. He is the author of 'Organic Meditation Practice" available in Amazon Kindle Store.

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