Each person I meet is me living a different incarnation, in a different body, and a different way of looking at things…

Jaime Izquierdo, LMT, CBP

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Jaime is the author of Organic Meditation Practice

·      LIFE COACHING; Personal Growth and Character Development, Healthy Boundaries,  Healthy Communication, Codependency Issues with the World and with Partners, Addressing Natural Instincts, Food, Addictive Tendencies, Sexual Blocks that affect our relationships and personal happiness, Redefining Relationships With the Environment and a God Consciousness; 

Healing the Inner Children

Natural Holistic Healing is the biological process happening at all times; it is physical, mental and spiritual, a spiritual approach to understanding our nature and letting go of old paradigms and erroneous belief systems not serving us in adulthood

All physical and mental challenges have a natural healing solution; energy healing and meditation when used as a curative practice affect positively all spiritual, mental and physical imbalances.

Contact me at 305-788-3093 to schedule.

I am a Certified Bodytalk and Advanced MindScape Practitioner with The International Bodytalk Association, Licensed Massage Therapist from the Hollywood Institute voted 
'Best Massage Therapist of the year'. 

I am certified on Swedish, Deep Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Massage for Abnormal Spinal Conditions, and Chinese Medical Massage (Tui Na, Cupping, GuaSha)

I created and teach a meditation practice 'Organic Meditation Practice'. I published a book in 2012 that is available in Amazon Kindle Store


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