The Interpretation of Dreams

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Dreams are part of our organic nature and part of our health; they are given to us by our subconscious as synchronicity messages easy to interpret. Become familiar with the language of synchronicity in our dreams.

The universe, our organic parent, sends us messages in dreams, and it is in our benefit to understand the messages. These are positive elements of information meant to reassure us at specific stressful periods of time in our lives. Wondering about the dream we had the night before, or recurring dreams, and not knowing what they mean is frustrating for most of us. 

Dreams are only positive messages about our personal development; this is very important to understand. There is the misconception that dreams reveal bad or negative messages, but there is no such thing. The universe wants us to be well; not scared and confused. 
Our conscious and subconscious minds form part of the innate healing system the universe, and are is protective of our holistic well being. It is through these centers that the universe is constantly leading us toward health, healing and harmony in all areas of our lives; dreams are only one part of this tool of information our parent universe utilizes to bring added balance and harmony into our conscious mind. When we awaken and recall a dream, it is important to analyze it and benefit from the healing message.

It is imperative that we acknowledge our intimate relationship with the universe, and the continuous interaction we benefit from. The universe is both our organic and 'spiritual' parent; constantly scanning the workings of our physical body, and our mind. It balances all systems of our body-mind; and illness is void from our system if we are consciously open to receive and accept that we depend entirely on our universe. 
The messages in dreams relieve us from unnecessary stress coming from doubt; this happens when we question character issues we have worked in the past but seem to be weakened at these times.
The content of our dreams

We receive information from our universe by way of our subconscious mind. This information is positive and reassuring to our conscious mind. 

Consciousness is the innate healing system of the universe that the universe shares with all its elements. In fact we are in constant communication with the universe through both our conscious and subconscious mind. 
The universe is constantly directing us toward health and the promotion of healing for the universe itself. Our universe is alive; we are participating elements of the universe. The universe is our parent living element.  

We are the organic reflection of the entire universe and our breath pattern, and life cycles follow the cycles of the universe. The universe breaths. It contracts and expands and these cycles are repeated at all levels, including our breath cycle, sleeping and awakening cycles, and life growth cycles. Our cellular memory is inclusive of all consciousness, and we share energy and consciousness with other elements at all times; all parts of our makeup are made of consciousness itself.

Our subconscious draws images and memories that belong to our entire history; these memories are part of our  cellular history. This history is 'chemically' stored and maintained; it contains the entire history of our past, from the beginning of time. The content in dreams is composed of images borrowed from this bank of information; and presented to our subconscious and conscious minds as stories with a hidden message. These stories 
address updates on our mental, emotional, and physical health.  

Jaime Izquierdo, Certified Bodytalk, Adv. Mindscape Practitioner and Holistic Dream Analyst  


Jaime Izquierdo, LMT, CFA, OMP Instructor, CBP, AdvMSP
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