'If you worry, why pray; If you pray, why worry'

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We have two identities, our ‘Worldly Identity’ where we are part of our daily life; and our ‘Cosmic or Spirit identity’ where we recognize we are a part of our Universe.

We grow up focused on our world first, and live convinced for many years that this is our reality. As we leave our homes and enter the world on our own, we question our values and the belief system we inherit and we start developing a conscious relationship with our universe. This is the ‘spiritual journey’ we are all supposed to undergo.

We begin to see that our ‘reality’ is our participation in the wholeness of our universe. This expansion of our spirit identity happens in the form of insights and realizations, until we come to understand we are not separate entities, living isolated lives on earth, but integral parts of eternity and within, our Universe.

As we put into perspective our present knowledge of our cosmos, we become aware that we are very small units living within our earth, solar system, our Milky Way and within over two hundred billion other galaxies within our own universe. Beyond that scientists estimate the possibility of multi universes and possibly beyond that more to be considered outside of what we perceive as 'Eternity'.

It is here easily to see how we ourselves are only part of what we think of as 'God', and that we are absolutely not in control of our lives; we are instead being guided through a continuous flow of communication coming to us through the environment we inhabit. I believe our thoughts and ideas are only guiding messages we follow, in order to grow in our spiritual journey.

Whereas we used to stress trying to control everything in our lives, we now follow the guidance of our universe and accept the result of our actions as direction and guidance.

We slowly abandon the never-ending pattern of short-lived happiness and frustration we drew from superficial things, and unfulfilling pleasures; instead we begin to experience inner peace and lasting happiness.

We gain respect for all living beings and develop empathy and respect for all of our human conditions. We stop judging and instead look at ourselves and learn to repair our character. We abandon dysfunctional patterns and engage with unconditionally loving relations. We make peace with our past and use our experiences to understand and help others. We become healers and contributors.

Our Ego that separated our worldly and spirit identities deflates and we begin to live a conscious spiritual life. We no longer feel more or less important. We experience through moments of meditation to feel happier and less stress; and learn to communicate with our universe.

The world that once had grown to be hardship becomes a myriad of opportunities to make our journey in this life a happy one. Our contribution becomes important.

We finally come to understand that our thoughts come to us from the universe, guiding us in our individual journey as it is designed for us.

Fears becomes a clear signs to take an action in order to grow spiritually. We learn to trust in the signs and opportunities that come our way. Our experiences become important elements of our individual participation.


Meditation is a visit with our Higher (God) Consciousness; the opening of a daily dialogue where together we prepare for the day. Mentally we address our physical needs with the influx of spiritual consciousness; we accept the universe around us is in control of our lives. It is here that we reach decisions on how to proceed on all areas of our life; we address the fears present each day and we recognize the actions we need to take; we look into our motivations and intentions and make certain they will lead towards higher levels of self-esteem. We leave results up to our universe; we acknowledge we are not in control; we ask for changes that will bring happiness into our lives; and we then move on with our day.


Meditation is the solution to all our problems; physical, mental and spiritual.

We see conflict and difficulties as the only reality in life; we face fear when a challenge, problem, or any other unexpected situation arrives in our daily life and we often feel forced into making decisions that bring stress into our lives. 

This daily exercise can take a toll on our mental and physical health if we maintain the mindset that we are in fact responsible for everything; actions and results; and that it is 'only' up to us to change the circumstances of our lives. 

There is no room in our life for an alternative manner of facing our problems and most of us experience depression and low self esteem; often seeing ourselves as less valuable individuals.

In meditation we develop trust and reliance on our universal consciousness ; it guides our thoughts, posses dilemmas, and ignites our wants and needs as we continuously think and analyze life; it is scanning our body-mind helping us achieve harmony and optimal health and emotional stability. 

Our physical life depends on the air we breathe; the food and water we consume; and the quality of the environment we live in. When we recognize this facts, we come to the realization that we are not in control of the laws of the universe we inhabit; but we are in control of the food we choose to eat, the water we consume; and the quality of the environment we live in; we see the areas of life we can contribute to, in order to help control a healthy environment around us.

Our body also responds to psychic events affecting our lives; losing a job, a loved one, a home, or signs of danger to our safety trigger changes in our physical body as well; these changes can initiate imbalance.


If we are in fact part of our living universe by breathing the air; eating the food; and benefiting from the elements that are continuously entering all the cells in our physical body, it is also important to recognize that the universe is 'knowing' of what we need mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order for us to be happy; what we require in order to perform as 'happy units' of the universe.

In meditation, we address our 'conscious connection' to this sustaining universe relating to it as the organic parent that provides us with nourishment, guidance and direction.

We learn to present the universe with an organized list of the things, situations, relationships, working conditions, occupation, money, income, living conditions, and all other aspects needed in our lives to improve our happiness; we also thank the universe for our health, the physical quality of our lives, the people in our lives, the work we do, and all the other aspects that affect our daily mood.

After each moment of meditation, we remain aware throughout the day of the 'interactive relationship' we share with our universe; we recognize ourselves as integral parts of this living universe. If we make decisions that might affect our lives, we relent to the universe control of the outcome accepting the results as part of the guidance and direction we receive; a daily act of 'trust' to communicate back to our universe we are aware we are not in control.


I start my meditation by addressing 'the air' as I breathe and I say 'thank you for my life'; at that moment, I recognize the air as the 'life force' of our universe that is maintaining me alive.

I then allow this sustaining energy to flow through my body-mind, cleansing physical illness and the fears affecting me that specific day; I let this 'cleansing' flow freely from the top of my head, down through the plant of my feet. 

I 'see it' merge with the energy of our 'sustaining earth', 'grounding' me and validating all my endeavors and my 'reality'; I address relationships, work, health, finances, home and all related issues affecting my physical life that day; and turn control of all of them to the care of the universe.

I address the scope of 'my physical reality', physical home; finances; family and friends, institutions, pets and all other aspects of my physical world; allowing the energy of the universe to cleanse negative aspects affecting that space; I watch it (with my eye chakra) become clear and illuminated with the flow of healing energy as it merges with our subtle universe around.

It is at that point I become aware the universe is in control of all the aspects of my 'reality'; I prepare to take action in my day, address all the developments and changes I need to meet; and recognize that the results of my actions are in control of our universe; 

I inspect my motives and intentions behind each of the actions I prepare to take that day and make sure these actions will bring happiness; and only positive self-esteem into my life.


'Trust' is a practice. To bring trust into my life I turn all my actions to my 'god consciousness'. I accept that I face life each day in partnership with this consciousness; that my work is valuable and healing to the universe; I take actions and let the universe take care of the results. Regardless of the results I trust I am being led in the direction of my dreams. 

As I allow the 'life energy' present in the air I breathe flow freely through my own body-mind, I accept that my life is perfect; that I am exactly where I am supposed to be at all times; that my participation is effective and healing.

I accept that I was born to bring wellness and healing to benefit the space I inhabit in this universe; I contribute.


'Fear' is a motivating force; present in all all aspects of our life. Every decision and action we take requires overcoming fear; fear of losing what we have; or fear of not getting what we want. The fear behind is 'not having control'; not knowing the outcome; and taking action' requires a 'leap of faith'. 

It is here where meditation becomes important. 

'Faith' infers 'a belief system' we rely on to help us make the right decisions in life, and most of us rely on some form of 'god consciousness'; in meditation we partner with our 'god consciousness' to address 'the fears of the day'. We identify the actions we are so afraid of taking; and review our motives and intentions that lay behind.

if we find that our motives and intentions are not based on self-seeking motives of 'losing what we have' or 'not getting what we want', we are then certain we are heading in the right direction in life, and doing the right thing; we loose the fear that had been impairing us; we no longer attempt to control the outcome of our action, but instead, accept that the result of each of our actions will bring us higher levels of happiness and positive self-esteem.

Meditation and self honesty go hand in hand; when we address meditation in this manner, the quality of our life improves daily.


The essence of the practice is to consciously open our awareness and physical mind to this 'spirit energy' allowing us to recognize the air we breath as the voice of our higher-self guiding us through life at all times.

We relax, use Self-Guided meditation to empty our body-mind complex of all emotions affecting us and allow ourselves to visit with our Higher-Self.

There in the company of our higher-self we recognize our individual 'Spirit' for our period of meditation.

We visualize from that perspective our physical-self as it travels through the 'difficult' journey of our present existence. We allow ourselves to feel empathy, love, nurturing and infinite understanding for our humanity and our journey and help our physical mind comprehend the insignificance of our time on earth; the little importance of what it perceives as major dilemmas and problems and to put all of his/her experiences in the perspective of a witness rather than an active or needed participant.

We send our physical body the message that all he/she needs is disengaging, to witness events happening in his/her life and to channel empathy, equanimity, love, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and other positive emotions for others around him/her;

We remind our physical self that these positive feelings are available at all times and come to us in the air we breath to replace fear, resentments, regret, guilt, anger, abandonment, grief and all other fear-based emotions.

We address Self-Healing during this meditation; we also request new items to initiate changes in our lives that will bring us new levels of happiness and well being in health, finances, relationships, personal healing and other changes needed in our physical lives.

The meditation brings us in oneness both with the the air we breath as the 'life force' keeping us alive; and with our Organic Mother Earth. We integrate our new connection to our precious air as the energy directing our life experience; and our physical experience into a natural enlightened estate of awareness.

Enlightenment being our conscious awareness that the air we breath is what creates and directs our physical experience and that this 'Spirit Energy' wants us to be happy, providing all we request; that this energy does not judge in any manner; it simply provides.

This awareness and practice of relying on Spirit Energy liberates our ego from the false sense that power comes from the material world. We then open up to receive abundant Spirit power and high levels of Self-Esteem.

This practice is the basis of my work as a healer. I also incorporate Massage Therapy to clinically treat the physical body; Bodytalk System as a guiding protocol to many modalities; Energy Art-Readings to channel information for my clients; and also workshops and group practice meetings where clients learn to reach the same results on their own.


This is a quick re-connection with our parent universe, the air we breath, to gain clarity during our daily lives. We set a five-minute timer.

Taking slow deep-breaths, we close our eyes and take a rest from our stressful day; we focus on our breath thanking the air we breathe for the life force it provides to maintain our physical body alive; we then address the air we breath as the extension of 'The supreme creator'; and we breath in compassion, empathy, forgiveness and love to give out into our daily environment; we detach from conflict. We acknowledge that we are at the exact place that time we are supposed to be and that nothing conflicting that is happening is actually of importance; that every choice and action we take leads to spiritual learning usually associated with one or more of our character defects: fear, doubt, trust, lust, self-pity, self-seeking, or more.

We let go of them by taking the actions we were resisting, and move on with our day; we let our universal life force take care of the results of our actions.








"Helping our clients reclaim their organic identity, and initiate a dialogue with our organic universe"
'A journey from medication to meditation'.


Jaime Izquierdo
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Ana Izquierdo, DOM, BA, CBP, MSI
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AHMA, American Holistic Medical Association
International Bodytalk Association
South Florida Bodytalk Association


Jaime studied painting under renowned American artists Sidney Goodman, Jody Pinto, Arthur DaCosta and Nelson Shanks among others, and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He is an award-winning artist, and photographer. In the 1970's Jaime studied Pre-Medicine at Temple University, Theater at HB Studios in NYC; joined an acting company in Philadelphia and participated in professional productions with actors like Theodore Bickell. He studied Modern Dance with Martha Graham and in 1980 switch to Painting and the Fine Arts. Jaime participated in Art Basel Miami 2015 in several peripheral shows. His work has been part of several exhibits in the US, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum and Gallery and New York and Miami Art Galleries. His first One-Man show was in New York in 1985. His work is in many private and corporate collections around the world. As part of his lifestyle today, he teaches Meditation and Holistic Healing workshops in Miami and New York. He is the author of 'Organic Meditation Practice" available in Amazon Kindle Store.


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