Jaime Izquierdo is a Body-Mind-Spirit Coach Working With Natural Healing, Reiki-Touch, Energy Readings, and Artistic Expression

Offering Spiritual-Counseling, Meditation Instruction, Massage Therapy, 
and Creativity Through Art

'Meditation is the solution to live in daily gratitude'
Organic Meditation Practice

Natural Healing Promoting Self-Esteem and Lasting Inner-Happiness

BodyTalk and Natural Healing
Meditation and Spiritual Healing
Personal Development
Reiki-Touch and Massage Therapy
Plant-Based Detoxification
Artistic Expression

3, 6 and 12 Month Programs to a Holistic Lifestyle

Using a Coach can be the solution to overcome personal and professional barriers holding you back from success.

Kristie Santana from the National Coach Academy defines 'Coach' as 'someone who has the ability to see the potential in a client objectively, showing them how to take real action to reach their goals'

In my practice I offer personal, life and professional guidance on how to achieve short-term and long-term endeavours. I also work with the corporate environment; this is a vital place of nurturing energy that requires positive qualities. Bringing coaching guidance into the workplace improves relationships, egos, and control issues that can damage the ambiance and effectiveness in all enterprises.


  • Learning How to Meditate; 'bringing together the three common aspects of meditation'
  • Dream Interpretation and Analysis
  • Personal Development
  • Group Healing with Bodytalk and MindScape
  • Artistic Expression in Art and Writing
  • Plant-Based Detoxification
  • Learning the Use and Benefits of Synchronicity
  • Reiki Certification

  • Train the mind to undergo a psychic change towards sanity changing unhealthy patterns and letting go of negative experiences of the past.
  • Experience long-term happiness by practicing new estimable acts.
  • Choose diet using common sense and take control of your own health. Address the body; explore diet by educating yourself on the options available to renew your health and avoid imbalances in the body, bring your body to 'perfect' weight as related to your age-height-gender; win yourself from long-term conditions and bring the body to the healthy state it is supposed to have.
  • Practice meditation to teach the mind not to respond to conflict, let go of fear, and stop participating in dysfunctional patterns.
  • Maintain sanity and accumulate 'Self-Esteem' by practicing estimable acts. 
  • Build lasting happiness.
  • Learn Reiki Healing to distress and bring health to the physical body (Reiki and Massage therapy are four-thousand year old practices now part of our clinical Medical Assurance system) 
  • Exercise the physical body
Sessions last 1-2 hours. I am here help you reach your goals.

Jaime is a Holistic Personal Coach and the author of
'Organic Meditation Practice, 2012'

Available at Amazon Kindle Store


Recovery from illness through Meditation, Education, Vegan Diet Detoxification, Acupuncture, and Clinical Massage Therapy. 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Tui Na (Chinese Clinical Massage) and Cupping - Pre-natal - Swedish and Deep-Tissue Massage

  • Acupuncture, the Meridians, and Chinese Medicine
  • Nutrition as a Natural Cure for Immune System Conditions
  • Massage Therapy, Reiki and Their Curative Benefits
  • Meditation and Spirituality as Curative Medicine
  • Creativity, Art and Expression as Curative Therapy
  • Natural Cures for Cancer and Diabetes
  • Vegan-Diet Detoxification as a Natural Cure for all Illness

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Miami Beach, Fl

Feedback from recent clients:
'Jaime, I am doing so much better mentally, physically and emotionally. I am living in my present moment (experiencing) a lot of trust...letting go of things I can't control...monitoring my thoughts, if I fall into a negative state of mind, it only last me 5 minutes because I am very aware and I pull myself right back.
I feel amazing and I'm really proud of myself and how I've been treating myself lately. My chakras are balanced. Just waiting to go back to you, and to keep learning and growing daily.
I am eating healthy, I am working out, I am reading and I lost a lot of weight' Adele, Miami, Oct.23, 2018