Energy Therapy - Distance Healing


We know today that health and wellbeing are dependent on the energy around us. We talk about 'creating our own reality' but few of us take steps to develop the intuitive power to forge ahead and attain solid results. This applies to work, relationships, health and self-confidence, and it is within our power to make thinks actually happen; but we must involve the energy of the universe around us. It is in control of everything, when we admit this, miraculous things develop in our lives. 

It is important to visualize our thoughts, projects, wants, wishes and other elements that come to our mind as actual living energies we receive from the environment around us. They come to us from our collective environment, or universal consciousness and it is up to us to review these elements and ask ourselves to what degree they could enrich our lives and our relationship with our guiding universe. We decide our motivation and intentions and either embrace these energies, or let them pass if they might not fit our present values. 
I treat Spirity-Mind-Body through Long-Distance Intuitive Communication by tapping into faculties of the creative and intuitive mind facilitating interaction with individuals, animals and plants:   

  • Changing Paradigms that are holding you back from accomplishments in life: judgement, performance, rigidity and ego factors
  • Ability to clear the mind, attain inner silence and experience clarity
  • Past-life Regression 
  • Plant communication
  • Animal communication
  • Life line technique: regain confidence, trust or other qualities borrowing from the past
  • Intuitive/Synchronicity readings
  • Intuitive Field/Life Readings
  • Personal and universal archetypes
  • Intuitive/Remote viewing: contacting and connecting to others, present/past
  • Intuitive/Long distance communication.

An overview on Distant Healing Treatments

It is a method that allows the practitioner to tap into faculties of the creative and intuitive mind not normally so accessible to our everyday life state of mind. In practical terms, this means that the practitioner engages intuition at will using creative and intuitive abilities. This offers great benefits and opens vast possibilities for every aspect of  each holistic session. Moreover, each session provides powerful tools for personal development, and open interesting possibilities for clients, such as distant sessions.

Jaime brings to each session enhanced intuition, a sense of mental focus and intent, and a powerful 'right brain thinking', that paves the way for more powerful links and sessions. Jaime can effectively carry out distance sessions.
The techniques facilitate interaction with animals, plants and other life forms, and are hence ideal for treatments, both in person or long distance.
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