Corporate Wellness Programs

Now available in Miami.

Improve Employee Health & Increase Company Profits

Bring “Touch-Healing Holistic Massage Therapy and energy medicine Treatments in your next Corporate Event”

This is a total distressing experience. Bring an open mind and heal the body, emotional mind, and spiritual core, through a combination of Holistic Healing, deep consciousness techniques, and ancient tribal tapping.

You can address specific health, emotional, or general issues and questions that are present in your life today, and obtain answers that will be constructive and life transforming. The effects of these sessions are cumulative, and the results long lasting. A renewed sense of well being will remain with you after the session.

The Results of Holistic Healing in the Workplace:
  • Positive improvement in all work levels
  • Increased commitment to team-work participation
  • Improved work ethic and productivity
  • Improved professional business attitude
  • Decreased medical absences


Jaime Izquierdo, CFA, OMP Instructor, CBP, AdvMSP
Non-Sectarian Minister

305 788 3093