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Recovery from illness initiates when we allow the connection between Spirit and Body to evolve. 

The physical world is spiritual; part of a unified, living consciousness. 

Our physical experience consumes our attention, every moment presents us with challenges that stir emotions; we live from emotion to emotion. Mostly, our education on how to handle these emotions comes from our homes; we learn to handle situations with specific responses we copied from our parents. When we come out of our homes and into the world with others, we develop individual ways to respond to challenges. These new scripts are always backed by what we originally learn at home and we revert to those early responses when faced with situations we do not know how to control; in this sense, we allow our parents to take over our lives. 

As we grow older, we learn that a lot of the behaviors we observed at home were dysfunctional; with the help of therapy in most cases we let go of these behaviors and create personal, new ways to respond to challenges that better fits our individual persona. We become well-er. 

It is impossible to grow up without dysfunctions and it is always necessary to update old behaviors that stop working.

Illness originates from unresolved challenges in our environment. Our emotions create physical changes in our bodies; fear and anxiety become stress that eventually develop into physical illness.

The body wants to be well; it is a perfect organism equipped with defenses and the ability to regenerate healthy tissue at all levels. It is untreated circumstances that create illness; and recovery requires changes in one or more areas of our personal care, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the environment we share with others. Relationships, health, finances, diet and our living environment dictate the quality of our health; 

Old-age and decline in the abilities of the body to heal itself dictate the unavoidable fact of our finite nature. Still, we can grow old while living in good health; practicing self-care conducive to maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

It is here that a connection to our higher consciousness becomes primordial; acceptance that we depend on it, the elements around us, to stay alive. This fact needs to become the corner stone of a dynamic practice of meditation where we develop a dialogue with the universe around us, our higher consciousness; and in turn, this 'spiritual' dependency allows us to face life even under seemingly impossible circumstances without illness. 

Reliance on our higher consciousness requires a leap of faith; trusting that our higher-consciousness is in fact aware of our wishes and goals; and that it is in fact guiding us towards them with simple 'yes' and 'no' answers; accepting that nothing happens randomly in our lives and that everything that happens is in response from our universe

Meditation becomes our most important tool; we nurture our relationship with our universe; and we constantly generate good health, lasting happiness and self esteem.

Happiness is a personal sense of well being that grows inside each of us as we perform selfless actions rooted on healthy motives and intentions.

We let go of fear by taking actions and letting our parent universe control the results. We can see that 'yes' and 'no' have the same positive outcome in our future. 

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