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"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need" Ancient proverb

The body shows signs of illness as a reaction to toxic matters entering the system. The body itself has an innate ability to cure itself, and with healthy nourishment it maintains perfect health. The body functions in three stages ; breathing, eating, and digesting. 

Food that contains chemicals or toxins affect the well being of the body systems and cause disease; conditions like cancer, and chronic Illnesses like Diabetes, MS, Crohn's and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Obesity, Heart illness, High Cholesterol, High blood pressure. 

By returning to an organic vegetable based diet, the innate healing system returns the body to a healthy state in a short period of time; within only four weeks the arteries, organs and body systems  return to normal. It will  will go farther, to reverse all illnesses in the body. 

A high level of energy returns to the body after the initial few days of detoxification, as well as natural weight loss, stable blood pressure, lower cholesterol readings, and un-compromised medical results, that led in all cases to discontinuation of medications. Illnesses disappear in a short period of time.

Our medical system is based on chemotherapy and rarely are medical doctors trained in nutrition; by law they are not allowed to practice or suggest natural healing. 

Vegetables, grains, and nuts provide all the protein the body requires. If you are on a vegetable diet, you can check your nutritional intake in places like to reassure you are taking the proper nutritional values.

There is a fictitious belief that animal products are the only source of protein and calcium; even though, more than 5% of animal protein in our diet have been found to be directly proportional to the rate of breast cancer, as well as prostate and other chronic illnesses.


There are several food documentaries available in Netflix, or Youtube that provide information about the benefits of a vegetable based diet: 'The Game Changers', 'Forks over Knives'  'What the Health'

Our food supply is infected with pesticides that destroy healthy bacteria in our digestive system; Glyphosate is the most common, used not only as a herbicide but found in most of the whole foods consumed daily by most children; according to a recent report about Monsanto and the use of Glyphosate

Eating organic food and non-GMO products in a vegan diet ensures proper amounts of vitamins. A Vegan diet reverses all anomalies related to stored fat accumulated from animal derived food. The body wants to be well, and in a short period of time, as short as two weeks, detoxification of damaging cholesterol takes place. This might not apply to calcification in the heart arteries. 

The result is recuperation from conditions related to diabetes, dementia, and other illnesses derived from clogged arteries and vessels that had cut oxygenation to the brain and the body. In several occasions adopting a Vegan diet rids the body of carcinogens and reverses cancer conditions. Even though there is no accepted cure for cancer, a Vegan diet is a perfect choice to correct the disease and return health to the body. 

a Vegan diet brings the PH balance of the body to a more alkaline estate where cancer does not prevail; cancer tumors are acidic and thrive in an acidic environment.



September 16, 2022

I was Vegan for one full year in 2012 but became flexible
in my diet since; I also smoked pipe and cigars through the years
and never thought much of it. My diet was light Vegetarian with
fish as the majority of animal fats I allowed in my diet; the reality was that once I stopped the Vegan regiment
it became difficult to return to it.

As part of my approach to good health I request a CT Scan
of my heart to check on the condition of calcification in my arteries.
My visit to the cardiologist after the test led to a Electrocardiogram
that showed the possibility of problems. 
This led to a couple of other tests.


SEP. 2022

1. Multifocal severe stenosis (70 to 99%) of the PDA branch. The PDA branch is a vessel that measures up to 3.4 mm in maximum diameter.

2. Focal severe stenosis of the small caliber distal LAD (70 to 80%).

3. The patient's coronary calcium score is 146, consistent with the 25-50 th percentile rank for age and gender. This is stable to slightly decreased when compared to the previously reported calcium score of 198 and 6/2022, allowing for differences in
slice selection.

4. A tiny PFO is present.

5. A 7 mm oval solid nodule along the left oblique fissure in the posterior aspect of the left upper lobe, increased in size when compared to 2 mm back in 2009. 12-month CT chest follow-up is recommended to evaluate for interval changes


My doctor prescribed a Statin medication that lists about twenty possible issues that can affect my lifestyle; I originally decided on returning to a Vegan diet which I initiated but not take the Statin. After talking with a close friend I found out he has been taking a similar medication for two years with no damaging results, so I decided to take the medication and also maintain a Vegan lifestyle.

Part two will be a meeting with the cardiologist to discuss the stent implants in order to restore normal blood flow. 

On Sep. 19 I received a stress test appointment for Oct. 17, which tells me that my condition is not urgent; although my general cardiologist wrote to me on Sep. 23 letting me know she had spoken with the Interventional Cardiologist and proposed to setup a date for a Catheterization/Angiogram procedure and I agreed.
I will also be talking with the surgeon the possibilities of biodegradable stents and the medications that will be involved after.

I have learned that this procedure is now considered routine and I am beginning to feel less anxious. I am now fully on a Vegan diet and have been taking the Statin medication for most of the week without any adverse effects.

I received messages from people that have undergone similar procedures, one of them brought a sense of gratitude;
a friend who have had 18 stents implanted in his heart. This saved him originally from a heart transplant and brought him recovery through a plan that included stent procedures over several years and he is now grateful for his total recovery.

On October 19 and Oct 25 I underwent stent implant endoscopy surgery; the process went without any problems.

I had requested they use the catherere through my arm artery to avoid any iglear infection and to avoid having to be on my back for a few days. On Nov 1 I was fully out an about and was able to play tennis for the first time; as the days passed and I continued exercising and a normal life the soreness in the arm started to dissipate and today Nov 14 I can say I feel better than ever.

I will be on Flavex blood thinning medication for one year, in addition to the statin medication for cholesterol as well as an 85mg aspirin.
I was advise not to miss the flavex for danger of coagulation around the stents, which would cause a possibility of new obstructions.

I have to say I feel amazing after less than one month from surgery.

I stopped the Plavex after taking it for a full year. My diet also changed to a normal diet. My cholesterol is under control with the Statin medication.

NOV. 23, 2024
A virus caused an attack of Vertigo; I suspended the Statin medication  that has a dizziness side effect and will reconsider it again once the vertigo goes away; I have a follow up with my Cardiologist in June 2024



I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS, and later with Crohn's Disease. I was put in a drug regimen that limited my life for many years, but still experienced symptoms an occasional rectal bleeding that impaired my social activities. I felt disabled for many years; I was also afraid of possible surgeries and I lived in constant state of depression. 

In my mid-fifties my wife developed strong allergies that had reached toxic proportions. She attended Bodytalk sessions and within six weeks the practitioner helped her detox from a regiment of two allergy pills daily she had maintained for several years. She became interested in organic products, and with my daughter, started a personal education on the food we were consuming. 

When I saw her progress and recovery from allergies, I decided to follow her advice and started a journey of natural health program. I read and learned as much as I could but my most important researched came from the internet; I watched 'forks over Knives' and several other documentaries that eventually led me to a plant-based diet. 

After six months on a Vegan Diet; I had blood work done and found out my cholesterol had come down by seventy points to almost a normal range. I also had lost weight and stabilized at 170lb, which is a healthy range for someone my height and age.

I had a colonoscopy for the first time in over fifteen years and to my surprise there were no longer signs of illness, no Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or Crohn's; I can only attribute this recovery to my change in diet.


In 2018 I was diagnosed with and enlargement of the prostate so I decided to watch more closely my diet, I decided to exercise, and take vitamin D; Vitamin D might prevent inflammation of the prostate. 

I read a lot about inflammation prevention and created my own regiment of vitamins and supplements and started taking vitamin D, turmeric, flax seed, pumpkin seeds, and Boron.

I also did the two-week baking soda and cider vinegar treatment as a preventative for possible prostate cancer, and started tracking the alkalinity of my urine daily, but the most important change is the focus on a Vegan Diet.

A Vegan diet as a lifestyle change. I had a CT scan than came back negative for cancer signs; I declined a Biopsy even though my PSA was high at 5.8.

In November 2019 I returned for an exam and the doctor informed me the prostate was enlarged; a PSA blood test was higher at 7.2 but I did not pursue further testing. My diet until then had been ninety-five percent a vegetable diet.

In June 2020 I started a preparation process towards a possible Vasectomy that required a PSA test and and the new reading came back at 6.1; I had just introduced a de-inflammatory regimen to treat sore knees;
1 Tsp Turmeric
1 Tsp honey
both mixed into a pleasant tasting paste I ingested only a few times within the two weeks prior to the blood test. I believe this had to do with the decrease in the results.


When you face cancer you are fighting for your life, because there is no known cure, and ultimately is up to you to do your own research and educate yourself on the possibilities of cure and recovery. 

People around you will give you opinions but the best and only avenue to approach the possibility of beating the disease is your own common sense and your own education on what is available. The stories of recovery people share might give you an indication of what to avoid in your diet, and what can help reverse the condition.

there are no known medical or alternative-natural cures, but there is a lot of research available that will indicate the results others have gotten. Consult with experts and ask for statistics that will better show you the results you can expect.

Ask doctors about western medicine; and ask Natural Practitioners about natural cures.

In western medicine the consensus in 2015 is that cancer has a congenital factor. The explanation is that if we inherit a weak cancer-fighting system, under poor nutrition, stress, and a weak constitution, the chances of incurring cancer are greater. Western medicine addresses disease with chemical intervention; chemotherapy.

Natural cancer cures maintain that congenital factors contribute a small percentage to the actual development of cancer in the body. In the documentary 'What the Health' they show the reaction of cancer cells within an alkaline environment where they eventually perish.
Natural healing addresses disease with diet, exercise, yoga and meditation; a body-mind-spirit solution.



My wife was diagnosed with stage-four Colon Cancer on September 2013. She opted to get conventional chemotherapy treatment but was declared terminal after three rounds of treatment, the tumors that had shrank slightly after the first treatment had stopped showing any improvement.

We moved to New York City to obtain further treatment possibilities at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; after an initial interview her new oncology doctor told her she was eligible for surgery and chemotherapy and assured her of a full recovery. 'You will recover fully' was a statement she would repeat at every visit. 

With this renewed hope, my wife underwent chemo treatments for the next six months, but her health deteriorated steadily until the middle of June 2014. She battled nausea, constipation, pain, loss of appetite, depression, and heavy doses of antibiotics to treat other conditions she experienced as a result of the drug regiment.

They had implanted a 'port' on her chest that facilitated intravenous medications; around late May a second port was implanted in her abdomen to provide chemo directly to the liver and after two treatments her liver died and distended, blocking fluids and Lymph from circulating and she developed Edema in her lower body.  

In the third week of June the doctor told her there was nothing else they could do for her with traditional medicine, and she was directed to seek alternative cures. She was referred to an Acupuncture doctor in their practice, but it was too late, and my wife died two weeks later on July 9.

During my wife's chemotherapy treatment she was not allowed to incorporate any natural alternative except Acupuncture and Reiki. 

She was also treated with Bodytalk; this therapy helps the body-mind adapt to the treatments being used.

She was advice not to use any anti-inflammatory supplements or vegetables and instead she was encouraged to eat meat, chicken and fish in her diet, as well as regular food. There was never a suggestion for her to use organic food, or to be aware of toxins in the food she ate.



There is no known natural cure for cancer, but there are several alternative treatments that claim some success. 

Natural cures that might prevent and help cure cancer are available through several sources, and vary form simple items available at every home today, to intern programs that offer plant-based treatment and education to reverse and on occasions cure the illness:


It is known that cancer cells thrive on an acidic environment, and that an alkaline environment is cancer preventative. A combination of baking soda, apple cider and honey/maple syrup have been used to slow and prevent the growth of cancer tumors; you can read about successful medical treatments that included baking soda to fight cancer


This is an interesting treatment worth looking into.


Vitamin C is non toxic and can be used intravenously to slow down cancer growth, and on occasions cure certain cancer types. There is a lot of information available on how to use it beneficially; it can interfere with the use of chemotherapy. 

You can read some facts at the National Cancer Institute's website, A friend of mine who provides this treatment says it does not work as a preventative treatment for cancer but it does not hurt the body; as a preventative has short time effectiveness, but as a cure of several illnesses it is very effective.

This is a scientific cure for immune deficiency illness that also shows positive results on the containment and occasional cure of breast and prostate cancer. This scientific project claim curative results through genetic modification through 'frequency' treatments in combination with light treatments. Through DNA modification they claim to create new curative defenses in the body, isolate cancer tumors and rid the body of illness. The treatment works with sound and light applications, and it is inclusive of other natural therapies. You can obtain information at; 


The Gerson therapy has been treating patients for several immune system disorders, cancer, diabetes and other illnesses since the 1930s. Their treatment includes daily 'juicing' of green vegetables, and detoxification through the use of coffee enemas, they provide training and education in their center in California.


German New Medicine originated in the 1930's; after thousands of case studies doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer who run the study concluded that illness and specifically cancer was the result of a Psychic event that had affected the person in an individual manner, leaving an imprint in specific areas of the brain and specific related organs or systems of the body, creating either growths of tissue deterioration that eventually, at the end of the conflict reflected in the symptoms associated with the definition of 'illness' as diagnosed in Western medicine. This symptomatic stage being the beginning stage of reversal and curation of the initial Psychic event where bacteria and fungus naturally existing in the human flora proceeded to destroy growds or to repair tissues to normality.

This stage of recuperation was marked by the natural signs of defense in the human body and included inflammation, fever, and other normal signs of natural defense symptoms. If left alone the body would recuperate on it's own, unless the body lacked the necessary bacteria and fungus to affect the cure due to antibiotics present in the system, in which case procedures like surgery might be necessary.

this is a Holistic and natural way of understanding the process in which the body responds to natural events that include a body-mind process and 

German New Medicine is worth investigating for those that lean towards natural healing; The process is described as the Five Biological Laws as presented in this lecture worth watching in Youtube:



My friend was diagnosed with breast cancer on November 2017. She underwent one round of chemo and experienced several of the side effects; loss of appetite, disruption of her taste buds, nausea, and diarrhea. 

Her health deteriorated from the very start and she experienced minor hair loss; it had been expected that she would lose most of it, but the first alternative therapy she used was a cap that is first frozen and then put on during the chemo treatments. she never lost her hair but had to be very gentle brushing; washing was not allowed.

She opted out of chemotherapy.

She decided to seek alternative treatments; first she did the two-week baking soda and cider vinegar treatment; and shortly after, she was introduced to the Aquera Frequency and Ultraviolet light therapy. Shortly after she started recuperating from her chemo treatment. 

In three months of treatment the results were positive, her tumor stopped growing.

The regiment was rigorous and she spent about six to eight hours daily, sitting or laying down listening to the frequency recordings she received periodically, and applying the ultraviolet light with special electronic units. Treatments were costly.

Along with the Aquera therapy she used the Apex water treatment two times a day as required by the Apex therapy.

She also changed her diet progressively towards a Vegan diet, staying away from inflammatory and acidic foods that included all animal derived products. She watched with intensity the documentary 'What the Health' and decided to make a drastic change in her diet.

On February 26, 2018 she underwent a lumpectomy; they found out the tumor had decreased one centimeter in size, and after a biopsy of one lymph node they found out no illness had entered the lymphatic system. Today she is cancer free.

After the lumpectomy, the doctors requested she took radiation and encouraged more chemotherapy because they could not ensure she would be free of cancer for any foreseeable period of time.

She opted to stay with natural cures and a healthy diet and in 2022 she is still free of illness.