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Jaime is the author of Organic Meditation Practice

Natural Healing is the biological process of nature happening at all times; it is physical, mental and spiritual.
Healing-touch, and a spiritual reading are part of these healing sessions. 

Our environment is comprised of different layers of energy;  Eternity, the creative consciousness that is responsible for our earthly existence; our Universe; our Milky Way galaxy, our planetary system, our earth's ecosystem, and our human race.

Our human consciousness is an infinitesimal part of this creative consciousness, and is naturally influenced by it through our mind, thoughts, and ideas in order for us to comprehend our human journey and our purpose on serving and preserving the earth.

We are Creative Energy in Human form.

As a healer I bring intuitive awareness to my clients to meet the challenges they are facing as symptoms of restlessness, physical disease, and spiritual disconnection.

I also incorporate Touch-Healing, Energy Medicine, Plant-Based Nutrition, Reiki and Meditation to treat each client. 

Touch-Healing and Massage Therapy bring together the subtle and physical energies that are vital to human beings. 

Life Coaching and Natural Healing address all systems of the body-mind-spirit. 

Meditation is the solution to all conflicts, bringing us into an immediate connection with our creative consciousness. 

The body also requires proper nutrition, exercise and routines that promote good health. 

The mind requires cleansing of unhealthy patterns, dysfunctional upbringing; and replacing them with new functional traits that benefit a healthy lifestyle, and the environment.

We possess two consciousness, human and collective. In meditation we explore our collective consciousness, disrupting the natural veil that separates our humanity coming into the understanding that there is only one collective consciousness.

 We are in fact creative consciousness in our physical universe, Divine Energy in a human journey.

All physical and mental challenges have a natural healing solution; energy healing and meditation when used as a curative practice affect positively all chemical and biological imbalances.

This is the reason why Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Yoga, and Meditation  are recognized as the oldest curative holistic therapies.

REIKI is the energy of Life, the healing creative energy that brings health and homeostasis to all beings. This energy is naturally available and naturally goes where it is needed.

It is natural for us to use this energy and instinctively help direct it to wherever our physical body requires it; being in helping ourselves or others recuperate from acute or chronic conditions. We use Reiki when we touch an injured child, when we touch an injury we have just experienced in an accident, simply when we bump into an object and experience pain.

The practitioner is an intuitive individual that becomes familiar with this Life-energy, and develops the ability of directing this energy in order to unblock physical, emotional or 'spiritual' trauma throughout the body-mind.

Reiki is part of the Massage Therapy license, and is considered the only Energy practice valid within our Western Medical System. Licensed Massage Therapists are initially introduced to this practice as part of the curriculum; in combination to a 'License to Touch'. This is the reason why Reiki given by a Massage Therapist has added layers of wellness.

Eastern Therapeutic Massage and Acupressure addressing energy pressure points, trigger points, and energy points (Subos) along the body allows for healthy flow of energy along the energy lines (meridians) bringing curative results at the physical level, mental and emotional levels.

Natural Healing alleviates most conditions. Before each session, remember to disclose any of the following conditions:

Anemia, Aneurysms, Left-Arm and upper back pain, Arteriosclerosis, Arthritis, Bleeding, Boils, Bursitis, Cancer, Contact Lenses, Cysts, Diabetes, Diverticulitis, Edema, Embolisms, Encephalitis, Erysipelas, Fever, Gout, Heart Problems, Hemophilia, Hematomas, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Hernias, Herniated Disc, Hypertension, Inflammation, Lice Lymphangitis, Mental Problems, Multiple Sclerosis, Open Wounds, Osteoporosis, Peritonitis, Phlebitis, Pregnancy, Ringworm, Skin Problems, Paralysis of any kind,  Tuberculosis, Tumors, Varicose Veins, Tingling in any part of the body(Hands and Feet), Any Undiagnosed Problems or Biological Changes the Body is Undergoing.

Read about the importance of touch, scientific research on the effects of human touch, article by Tiffany M. Field, PhD for The Touch Research Institute

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Natural Healing Promoting Self-Esteem and Lasting Inner-Happiness

Learn Meditation as a Curative Practice
BodyTalk and Natural Healing
Meditation and Spiritual Healing
Personal Development
Reiki-Touch and Massage Therapy
Plant-Based Detoxification
Artistic Expression

Jaime is the author of 'Organic Meditation Practice', a return to an 'organic identity' and natural enlightenment. 
            His book is available in Amazon Kindle Store.             


What clients say about Jaime:

When I met Jaime, I was fresh out of a relationship that left me completely depleted and destroyed. My world as I knew it had collapsed at all levels, emotional, financial, career, everything…. I had never done a Body Talk Session before, but there is nothing I wouldn’t be willing to try to alleviate my suffering back then. Jaime felt me on the first session and with his acute sense of compassion and loving-kindness nursed me back to regaining a sense of self. His ability to combine his intuitive healing with the Body Talk technique, along with his gentle listening ear has guided me into a prompt and durable recovery. I felt the soothing effects of Body Talk Technique from the first session. For all of you out there, who feel like you have lost your North and need to find your center and recalibrate your energy centers, I recommend Jaime wholeheartedly. He will guide you step by step into regaining your dignity through nurturing your inner child and practicing self-love. Jaime’s sincere and gentle approach will give you a new outlook on life and a chance to start your best life now.

F.D.M, Miami, April 16, 2013

Hi Jaime,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the holistic healing therapy you are giving me. You are the best, I highly recommend your sessions; they are more than treatments to heal the body. I don't know how your do it, but at the same time that you address the physical body, you are also addressing emotional issues that are worrying me, and even psychological needs that I was not aware of. During the session, depending on the part of the body you are addressing, I find myself relate and remember events or persons I haven't thought of in a long time. Some of these memories are happy, some others not and I drop some tears for a few minutes. Not always do we talk about these memories; however, while you are doing the massage I recognize those issues resolved and no longer affecting me. When the session is over, I feel peaceful and reconciled with myself....then this well-being transforms into perfect events in my daily "magic". It is as if my life gets organized and back on track again. In addition to the physical vitality and radiance I show, everyone comments on how healthy I look.
And now...I wish...that you can help many more people with your holistic therapy, because you are unbelievably gifted and unconditionally supportive of your clients.
Thank you and see you soon,
Antonella, Miami

I am a Certified Bodytalk and Advanced MindScape Practitioner with The International Bodytalk Association, Licensed Massage Therapist from the Hollywood Institute voted 'Best Massage Therapist of the year'. 
I am certified on Swedish, Deep Tissue, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Massage for Abnormal Spinal Conditions, and Chinese Medical Massage (Tui Na, Cupping, GuaSha)

I created and teach a meditation practice 'Organic Meditation Practice'. I published a book in 2012 that is available in Amazon Kindle Store


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"Helping our clients reclaim their organic identity, and initiate a dialogue with our organic universe"
'A journey from medication to meditation'.


Jaime Izquierdo
Non-Sectarian Minister
"Most Outstanding Graduate Hollywood Institute Massage Program"
305 788 3093

Ana Izquierdo, DOM, BA, CBP, MSI
Licenced Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Doctor
MindScape Instructor
Miami - New York
305 788 8810


AHMA, American Holistic Medical Association
International Bodytalk Association
South Florida Bodytalk Association


Jaime studied painting under renowned American artists Sidney Goodman, Jody Pinto, Arthur DaCosta and Nelson Shanks among others, and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He is an award-winning artist, and photographer. In the 1970's Jaime studied Pre-Medicine at Temple University, Theater at HB Studios in NYC; joined an acting company in Philadelphia and participated in professional productions with actors like Theodore Bickell. He studied Modern Dance with Martha Graham and in 1980 switch to Painting and the Fine Arts. Jaime participated in Art Basel Miami 2015 in several peripheral shows. His work has been part of several exhibits in the US, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum and Gallery and New York and Miami Art Galleries. His first One-Man show was in New York in 1985. His work is in many private and corporate collections around the world. As part of his lifestyle today, he teaches Meditation and Holistic Healing workshops in Miami and New York. He is the author of 'Organic Meditation Practice" available in Amazon Kindle Store.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The content published by this website is intended for educational purposes only, it should not be construed as dispensing medical advice or making claims regarding the cure of diseases. You should always consult with a medical professional


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