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Holistic Counseling with Offices in Miami and NYC. Jaime Izquierdo, LMT, CBP, RMT

My Services include Healing with Hands and Massage Therapy, Reiki, Bodytalk System, Distance/Remote Healing, and Holistic Relationship Counseling in person or over the phone. My treatments work at deep consciousness levels. They stimulate and jump start the innate healing system of the body toward cumulative levels of recovery. I see clients in Miami Beach and New York City, and attend by phone to clients living as far as Dubai, South America and the Caribbean.

REIKI (Life Energy)

A Reiki treatment addresses the Chakra energy centers. Each Chakra addresses specific areas of harmony in our body system, as they relate to individual endocrines and organs. In other words our body system depends not only on the physical care we provide ourselves, but on the body’s ability to allow energy to and from the surrounding universe to travel and heal our system. This energy exchange is our secondary but equally primordial nutritional source. Through s Reiki’ Chakra Balancing this energetic exchange is maintained uninterrupted. 
The benefits of a Chakra Balancing session

A balanced Chakra System promotes emotional stability and well being, a stable mental connection to our universe, a clearer vision of our goals and objectives, ability to verbalize our needs and desires, inner harmony and self-acceptance, enhances our ability to maintain constant contact with our universe to hear the direction we need to pursue, gives us freedom to be the ‘natural’ creators of life on earth, and it allows us to objectively assess where we are in our development in all things related to our physical world.

Our Emotional Center 
We are born to recycle negative emotions into positive ones by choosing happiness at any stage in our daily life, and Reiki facilitates this process. Reiki is a form of meditation. The universe welcomes this practice from us as a portal of communication or dialogue, to provide the very best for us. We are naturally born to establish and benefit from this dialogue. We ask questions and we receive answers, we establish goals and we receive direction, we express our wants and we are directed towards them without judgement. Our values ought to be our own and we need to cleanse damaging values we have inherited that do not benefit our well being. Our wants and goals need to follow what we value in order to enrich our journey towards higher levels of happiness.

Jaime Izquierdo, RMT

Therapeutic, Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage

A Light Swedish touch is perfect for relaxation, re-establishing circulation, and promote cleansing within your lymphatic system. This massage is perfect if you are in recovery from recent illness, medical procedures, or you simply want a light sensual experience that will relax and at the same time invigorate you.

A Firm Swedish touch is relaxing but addresses body aches and pains that requires attention. This massage is perfect when you want relaxation with some added low-intensity pressure. Some stretches and joint manipulations are also addressed.

A Deep Tissue massage is stronger in intensity within your pain tolerance. It is best when addressing chronic pain and limited range of motion. In this case one session will offer some relief from pain and discomfort but will usually require repeat sessions to return comfort and normal range of motion. You will experience some pain when we address deep muscles requiring attention to initiate recovery. Deep tissue massage is also good if you are an athlete or you have a higher than average body mass.

It is important to know that massage therapy is also recommended as a health care system. The ideal maintenance suggested is sessions once or twice per week to obtain optimal results. Massage therapy, when used for health care purposes, is a preventive system that can help you maintain perfect health and an overall sense of well being.


Jaime is a Reiki Master Teacher channeling the Reiki energy and making holistic healing possible for all beings. He teaches all levels of Reiki privately and in groups. Call 3057883093 to schedule classes.

This is a combination of Massage Therapy, Reiki, Energy Medicine, Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques, and Intuitive Shamanic Arts. The result is a cumulative revitalization of body, mind and life-force.

Read Testimonials: What clients say about Jaime

By the time Jaime arrives at your location, he already has a psychic reading for you. This information is the opening of a dialog where he makes notes of all your present concerns and he then proceeds to address them in the Bodytalk segment of your session. During this portion of your session, he 'taps' different areas of your body to initiate energetic balance within your system to promote harmony and recovery. You learn a five minute effective 'breathe-meditation' practice developed by Jaime and that is part of his 'Organic Meditation Practice'. He then proceeds to massage therapy techniques, targeting specific parts of the body. You have a choice of three sessions that vary from one to two hours, extending the healing massage experience.

The result is a deep feeling of rest and well being not experienced before with any regular massage therapy session. You will have a renewed sense of health: physical, mental and emotional. Your connection to the universe around you will also shift, bringing you closer to your organic identity.


Long-Distance Holistic Counseling via telephone/Facetime

These sessions include ‘Art Psychic Reading ™’ method, Shamanic Arts, and BodyTalk therapy. I address Telephone sessions as if you were sitting in my office, talking about your issues, projects and possible outcomes, family, relationships, etc. You can ask questions about each person in your life, what they are thinking, feeling, or their mindset toward you or their relationship with you. We do a remote health treatment if needed and we can dispel fears, energies and more. We set up a time when you call. The consultation is one hour. Contact me at 305-788-3093 to schedule.

Dream Interpretation Private Instruction

This three-hour class guides you to interpret dreams from a holistic approach, where our parent organic universe sends reassuring information to us. This information is presented in a ‘play-like’ manner where we can identify concepts that relate to our on-going emotional life. There are only positive messages; based on the fact the universe is helping us maintain harmony and homeostasis in our lives. Information in the quantum concept is encoded in all the particles around us, including the air we breathe, affecting all our body systems that include our conscious and subconscious mind. Dream interpretation in this class is based on direct communication from our universe with us in an individual basis. Just as we tend to plants at home, the universe tends to us in a moment to moment basis in each breathe we take.

Intuitive Development Classes

In this three-hour class we explore the concept of quantum communication, and the ability of our mind to enter the pool of our collective consciousness. This practice has been referred to in the past a ‘the occult’.By connecting to this pool of consciousness we access all the information an individual carries within his energetic field. This information includes his belief systems affecting his or her wellbeing. Belief systems are real energies that live and are attach to each one of us. It is up to us to maintain them or to change them for newer, updated concepts that fit our life at different periods. Within our energy field we also carry the energy of those people important to us. Their energy can affect our wellbeing deeply and can cause us discomfort and even mental or physical illness. Intuitive development is the process by which we learn to identify and change these aspects of our lives. These energies might include vices, addictions, unrealized wished, and other elements of self-esteem, fears, phobias and more.


Guided Organic Meditation Practice: (Learn to meditate). Organic Meditation Practice defines Consciousness as the innate healing system the universe shares with all its elements. This is our 'Unified Field of Consciousness' as presented in modern quantum physics. This short 'Breath-Meditation' technique simplifies the practice of meditation, transforming it into a source of well being for daily life.

Our individual body is comprised of three centers that need integration in a daily basis: our body, our mind and our consciousness. When we close our eyes we can allow our mind to enter our collective consciousness, and be in touch with all elements in our universe. This is a natural state we can reach in meditation. It is here that we sense our energetic connection to the rest of the universe at all levels and where we initiate a dialogue with our parent organic universe.

In Organic Meditation Practice, we utilize our mind, to integrate our energetic-subtle senses associated with consciousness, and our physical senses to attain a new level of enlightened awareness.

This integration allows us to perform at our utmost level of awareness in our daily life. Being consciously aware of this integration transforms us into enlightened elements of the universe. We can do this at any time, every day. Being 'enlightened' is a consciousness estate that allows us to acknowledge ourselves as integral organic elements of the universe, and to understand that our purpose in life is to create health and healing for our universe. 

The universe is drawing us toward health and healing in a continuous basis. When we recognize the connection we share with our parent organic universe, we initiate the possibility of self-healing in our lives, and recognize that whatever we request from the universe is given to us.

Become a Certified Organic Meditation Practice Instructor. Contact us at, or call 305 788 3093 to book a session

I coach clients in setting up a Vegan program that helps them regain and maintain health, balance and harmony in their lives, and to help heal the body systems. Experience natural weight loss and become free of chronic conditions and long-term medication. Reconstitute your arteries in as little as four weeks to their original blueprint, reversing heart illness and other chronic illnesses. Let us train you on how to set up your diet at home and take charge of your own health, today. Call us for more information at 305.788.3093

Vegan Juice Preparation
This is a one or three hour session with Jaime to address the preparation of vegetable and fruits to help re-establish perfect health to the physical body. A vegan diet returns the body to perfect health within four weeks of practice. Animal bi-products are toxic for the body, as are toxins, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, and genetically engineered products present in all our conventional food. A Vegan diet that contains all organic products results in as perfect health as we can possibly attain. Perfect health can be defined as normal weight and chemical integrity within the physical body. Our body is a chemical factory run by our endocrine system, the food we put in our bodies, and the air we breathe. Keep in mind that pollutants in the air are also cause for respiratory and physical illnesses. In this class you receive recipes to follow at home and direction on what to purchase to initiate and maintain your Vegan diet. You experience the actual process of juicing followed by juice tasting; as well as a wealth of information on purchasing the right equipment, pricing information organic products at different markets in Miami, and more.
The three hour session includes a trip to the market, and all the aspects of the one hour class, plus ongoing support via text, until you feel comfortable with your juicing program.


· ‘Psychic Art Reading ™’ was created by Jaime when he found out that art provided for him ‘open’ contact with our collective consciousness source, and was able to channel and clarify information for clients. This is accomplished through the subtle senses of vision, hearing, smell and energetic touch. He defines this process as a quantum effect of energy communication. This is the same form of communication our universe maintains with us on a moment to moment basis, through our breath and our environment.

· Bodytalk Therapy is defined as a health-care system on its own. It is based on quantum theory of energy communication, and uses muscle testing to follow an extensive protocol. The Bodytalk protocol includes a combined number of individual practices that include anatomy (all body systems), physiology, environmental elements that include physical aspectssurrounding the client in a daily basis, consciousness related elements of mental and energetic aspects affecting the client, encoded inherited cell information of past lives, chakras, and more.

· ‘Short-Breath Meditation ™’ is a five minute practice that can be used once or several times per day. Jaime is the creator of ‘Organic Meditation Practice, Copyright 2012’ that promotes a direct dialogue with our parent organic universe. In his five minute ‘Short-Breath’practice he instructs the client on how to initiate a dialogue with our‘collective consciousness source’

· Massage Therapy and Bodywork, Jaime is a license massage therapist, and in his sessions uses massage techniques to apply physical healing to the body. His touch varies from relaxing to deep tissue techniques, as required for the client.

· MindScape (Advanced) is part of the Bodytalk System. This practice addresses consciousness based development that allows distance communication with the object of providing healing. Using this practice, Jaime can call on different energies or individuals that are affecting the mental or emotional centers of the client. This is a powerful practice with shamanic elements that are directly related to out quantum concept of energy communication.

Caution: When is Massage Therapy not Beneficial?

Disclosure and Precautions for Massage/Bodywork Therapy (according to NYSED.GOV).

The following precautions should be observed by Massage / Bodywork therapists when conducting their practice.
Therapists should not treat a patient or client:
  • When the therapist or patient/client is in an altered state of cognitive awareness from the use of prescription, and/or over-the-counter medications, alcohol, or other substances, and the patient/client cannot give informed consent and/or the therapist cannot provide appropriate treatment. Consent for the patient/client may be given by guardians and other caregivers when authorized to do so.
  • If a patient/client refuses to give the therapist consent to confer with his or her health care practitioner regarding massage/bodywork therapy when such consultation is essential to the patients/client's health and safety, the therapist should not treat the patient.
Massage/Bodywork therapists should use caution in treating a patient or client:
  • When the therapist or patient/client has a fever or contagious disease
  • If the patient/client is on any medication that would be expected to weaken bone structure and/or connective tissue or lead to enhanced bleeding
  • When the patient/client has edema due to chronic heart failure or kidney failure
  • When the patient/client has decreased sensation, as for example, with diabetes
  • If the patient/client has an inflammatory condition in the acute stage
  • When the patient/client has acute phlebitis and/or deep venous thrombosis
  • When the patient/client has had an acute trauma or recent surgery
Practitioners should observe these guidelines:
  1. While massage of splint muscles around a swollen joint is appropriate, direct pressure to the joint itself should be avoided.
  2. Avoid the local site of unstable fractures, open wounds, hematomas, varicoses, recently healed scars, burns, and foreign bodies or implanted hardware.
  3. In the first trimester of pregnancy, no deep sacral work or abdominal massage should be done.
  4. If the patient/client has cancer or other tumors or has acute or chronic infection in the skin or deeper tissues, seek the recommendation of the patient/client's physician or nurse practitioner after obtaining the consent of the patient/client.
  5. If the patient/client is overheated due to hot tub, sauna, or exercise, apply appropriate techniques.


Jaime Izquierdo, LMT, RMT, CBP, AdvMSP
Non-Sectarian Minister
Miami - New York

305 788 3093

Ana Izquierdo, DOM, BA, CBP, Adv.MSP

Acupuncture, Bodytalk, Advanced Mindscape
Miami - New York
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Professional Conferences:

Dear Mr. Jaime Izquierdo,
RE: Acceptance of Abstract No. 34We are pleased to inform you that your abstract entitled:

"Integration, The Daily Path to Enlightenment Through ‘The Organic Meditation Practice’, copyright 2012" was accepted for Poster presentation at the 2013 ICNM congress. July 7-9, Paris, France

Best Regards,
Shirley Dinenson
Project Manager
ICNM 2013 Secretariat

"The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine.

Dear Mr. Izquierdo,
I am pleased to advise that your abstract titled; “Integration, The Daily Path to Enlightenment Through The Organic Meditation Practice” has been accepted for oral presentation at The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Medicine, May 13-15, 2012, Jerusalem, Israel

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"Helping our clients reclaim their organic identity, and initiate a dialogue with our organic universe"
'A journey from medication to meditation'.


Jaime Izquierdo
Non-Sectarian Minister
"Most Outstanding Graduate Hollywood Institute Massage Program"
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Ana Izquierdo, DOM, BA, CBP, MSI
Licenced Acupuncture and Chinese Medical Doctor
MindScape Instructor
Miami - New York
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AHMA, American Holistic Medical Association
International Bodytalk Association
South Florida Bodytalk Association


Jaime studied painting under renowned American artists Sidney Goodman, Jody Pinto, Arthur DaCosta and Nelson Shanks among others, and graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He is an award-winning artist, and photographer. In the 1970's Jaime studied Pre-Medicine at Temple University, Theater at HB Studios in NYC; joined an acting company in Philadelphia and participated in professional productions with actors like Theodore Bickell. He studied Modern Dance with Martha Graham and in 1980 switch to Painting and the Fine Arts. Jaime participated in Art Basel Miami 2015 in several peripheral shows. His work has been part of several exhibits in the US, The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum and Gallery and New York and Miami Art Galleries. His first One-Man show was in New York in 1985. His work is in many private and corporate collections around the world. As part of his lifestyle today, he teaches Meditation and Holistic Healing workshops in Miami and New York. He is the author of 'Organic Meditation Practice" available in Amazon Kindle Store.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The content published by this website is intended for educational purposes only, it should not be construed as dispensing medical advice or making claims regarding the cure of diseases. You should always consult with a medical professional


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Life Goes On!

Life Goes On!
We cannot run away from the pain of losing someone we love; it triggers tears that flow inadvertently and do not stop. We can distract ourselves with activities; friends come to our aid and we get emotional support, but losing a loved one leaves us injured and feeling physically alone. Their physical company is irreplaceable and our balance of reality is lost for a long while. Starting alone all over again is a great challenge, one is vulnerable to err and make decisions that might hurt others. We become selfish and self-centered making the focus of our attention staying alive as a natural response and we can easily forger about loved ones that might need us; we feel sorry for ourselves. Ultimately, the universe comes to our rescue with new friends and unexpected opportunities to help chance the course of our life. These 'Soulmates' are sent to us to help us overcome the difficult times we face and become the building blocks of our new history. Life goes on but we never forget the ones we lost.

Organic Meditation Practice

Organic Meditation Practice
Jaime Izquierdo, Author 2012

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